I am an ARRL and a W5YI Volunteer Examiner (VE), and one of several instructors for the Alexandria Radio Club semiannual Technician License course. Below are some handouts that you are welcomed to download for your non‑commercial use. Please attribute the source if you use these in your classes. Comments and suggestions for improvements (or to correct any errors) are always welcomed. Check back often as these get updated regularly! Best to right‑click on the links and save them to your computer first before opening them directly with Adobe Reader - some browsers don't render PDFs very well.

  1. Learning Morse code
  2. Antenna Math
  3. Your first HT
  4. Choosing an HF Antenna
  5. CW Contesting for Beginners
  6. Creating an AREDN Node
  7. Setting up Hamshack Hotline
  8. AC and DC Current
  9. Your FCC Registration Number (FRN)
  10. Read this after your exam

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