Under construction - no pun intended. I love building electronic things from kits and from scratch. I'll showcase a few of my projects on this page. Started building kits in the late 1960's as a kid in junior high school. Most ambitious project was a Heathkit Model GR-104B (or possibly a GR-104C) 12" B&W television. This was part of a TV/radio servicing course that I took while in high school.

I also like troubleshooting and rebuilding old stuff. Nothing better than finding an abandoned TV set on the side of the road - full of tubes and other useful parts! Unfortunately this doesn't happen any more - not considered politically correct to recycle electronics in the ditch.

I assembled an Elecraft K3S a few years ago. This is a beautifully engineered radio, whether a kit or a factory build. Mine has most of the options and the build sequence is here.